About Us


To educate every Nepalese Child, one child at a time.

To see these children reciprocate these efforts by having healthy impact in their various communities

We support students in Nepal who have been excluded from educational opportunities due to lack of educational material or poverty.

To break the cycle of poverty through primary education by Focusing on primary school children in the rural areas of Nepal.


A generous bunch of people who understand the power of education and know that “change begins with you”


We believe:

  • Education is essential if people are to participate effectively in the life of their communities and contribute to development, peace and stability in their countries.
  • That everyone is entitled to receive quality education without discrimination.
  • In empowering individuals and communities to identify their educational needs and develop appropriate programs to address them.
  • That the communities we work with our partners in development and have ownership of their educational opportunities.

We work in difficult and conflict affected environments in Villages of Nepal where our team can have most impact. We work where there are marginalized communities who are not well served by existing educational systems.

We deliver our programm by involving local communities, local employees and local political structures where appropriate, in a transparent and co-operative manner that emphasizes collaborating rather than instructing. Our commitment to ‘education for all’ is developed within the context of local cultures wherever possible, and delivered through local participants who then come to own the schemes supported by Yep Nepal.

To fulfill our mission, we organise our work under some broad themes:
1Design and implement new innovative solutions to the educational challenges faced by marginalised people, focusing on conflict or post conflict regions of Nepal.
Improve the quality and availability of education for all our targeted communities.
Ensure our organisation is fit for purpose to achieve our mission.

How We Use Our Money
How much do we spend on admin/running costs?

We don’t have big offices, or staff on high wages. Our field staff are local people, paid for only travel and food, who often share office space with other organizations. We prefer to place local outreach officers in our communities rather than buy expensive vehicles, which require a lot of maintenance and can attract unwanted attention. Our grassroots approach is great value for money and is one of the keys to our success as an organization.
We are committed to maintaining low running costs while also increasing our visibility and outreach in the Nepal to support expansion of our work.

Where do we get our income from?

Individual donation, fundraising efforts and corporate partners provide source of funding that allow us to stay innovative and creative in designing new projects and ensure we can be flexible within the unstable regions where we work. However the founder of the organization helps to ensure the successful operation of the program through his self contribution.

Give a couple of hours
We know some people would struggle to maintain an ongoing commitment but how about lending your expertise for a couple hours? There are a lot of ways you can ‘micro-volunteer’ by offering input, feedback or donating a few hours to a small project.
Get in touch with us to find out more about how you can give a few hours of your experience to help us with our work.
What could you do?
1. Good with video? Edit a 5 minute video for you-tube.
2. Expert in the field? Peer review one of our studies or reports.
3. Education professional? Hold a mini-workshop as an education specialist.
4. Love social media? Be a social media contact for our appeals and outreach.